There is no competition without competence, and we make sure we can provide bucket loads of both. Thanks to our mentors, students, and sponsors, we can operate and compete at a level comparable to teams funded and guided by organizations such as NASA. 

But FIRST Robotics isn't all about winning medals or receiving awards.

As the Aluminum Falcons, we stand as proponents and advocates of STEM education within our community. One of our primary goals as a team is to give the students of our community the opportunity to experience the calculated yet kinetic experimentation that is a hallmark of FIRST Robotics. It is our responsibility to provide a chance to those who want to get more out of their high school years than papers and tests, and we are more than happy to fill that role here in Groton, Connecticut.      



Our community is the lifeblood of the team. It is the forum from which we garner support. It is the source of our manpower. It is the soil in which we sow the seeds of scientific ambition, drive, passion, and curiosity. That is our community. And we are its team.