Every season, a coalition of sponsors donate time, money, and materials to make our season possible. Without them, we could not even hope to sustain ourselves. To read more about our sponsors and what they do, or if you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please head over to the Sponsoring Us page!


  •  Donate materials: tools, metal, fasteners, electronics.

  • Fabrication services: CNC machining/bending, aluminum welding, laser cutting, 3D prototyping/printing, etc

  • Donate team uniforms, silk-screening and/or embroidery.

  • Provide scholarship opportunities for graduating team members.

  • Donate services, prizes, or gift certificates to use in a team raffle or fundraiser

  • Supply meal(s) for the team during team functions/competitions.  

Feel free to contact us at marketing@team2168.org or (203) 800 2168.

Thank you!