Aluminum Falcons Robotics is not just a team, but something much more. We are a close-knit family. Though the hours are sometimes extensive and the work tougher than most have ever seen, students get much more out of it than anyone else can imagine. All the time and work put into each season results in strong bonds between students. Being a part of this program prepares them to be a part of the real world. It enhances their character, boosts their self-image and motivates them to take part in the fields of science and technology. The FIRST experience completely changes their lives forever. The Aluminum Falcons are focused on exceeding known limits. We concentrate on education, community, and competition. Whether we are inviting the community into our school to experience robotics firsthand or helping out our neighbors in New London County, CT. The Aluminum Falcons are determined to be a force and a recognized name in our Groton, CT community.





Team 2168 is dedicated to helping its members grow as individuals and as a team - working together to learn about science and technology and to pass that information on to others. We strive to provide the best possible experience for our students to learn from our team's dedicated mentors and volunteers. We believe in hands-on education, allowing our members to work hand-in-hand with industry professionals and experts in their fields. We also provide orientation seminars to all new members about mechanical design, programming, strategy, teamwork and work ethics with a strong emphasis on problem solving skills. It is our hope that this will provide them with a solid base from which they can expand their expertise into any field that interests them.






We organize ourselves into different groups to maximize what our team is capable of, ensuring that the members of each group are not strictly isolated to the work of their group but get involved in other groups as well. The groups are as follows:

hardware team


This team does the actual fabrication and assembly of our robot during the build phase. The jobs vary depending on the direction of our engineering mentors, the sponsors we have, and the abilities of the students. Normally, this group dissolves into the Drive and Pit Teams once competition starts. Be aware that to be a part of this crew you must be trusted enough to work in the workshop, you must demonstrate utmost respect for others, common sense, safe working skills, a good work ethic, and good communication.

drive team

Shut up and drive.

The Drive Team consists of a robot operator, a base driver, a human player, and a drive team coach. There is a lead crew and a back-up crew, the latter of which is usually made up of rookie drivers. Additionally, there is a scouting and strategy division within the drive team. Drivers are trained a minimum of one year in advance by the incumbent drivers, and are coached through numerous offensive and defensive drills. Drive team students develop tactical proficiency, communication skills, and the importance of group synergy. Students interested in becoming drivers practice as much as possible to develop their skills and are encouraged to develop maturity, humility, dedication, and confidence. Students on this team will develop materials and methods to assess other teams’ robots and strategies, giving our team as much of an advantage as possible. The collection and analysis of team data will assist our team in all phases of the competition. The team is also responsible for the creation of the competitive assessment database, working closely with the photo/video sub-team. The drive team is required to stay with the robot for the majority of the time at the competitions. They will also arrive early and stay late to practice at the competitions. This group must communicate well with each other as well as with other groups, especially with the Scouting division and the Pit Crew.

software team

1's and 0's baby!

This team develops the code for the autonomous and teleoperated functions of the robot. The team teaches (and learns) the Java programming language during the off-season to newcomers and works on the actual programming of the robot during the build season. This team is also involved in the electrical wiring of the robot, including sensor integration. Close cooperation with the Build Crew is essential during build season, and both groups gain excellent experience managing the interdependencies between hardware and software.

marketing team

Built, not bought. "The real MVP of the team."


The Marketing Team consists of several sections; web development, photo and video, communications and public affairs, and the awards crew. The web crew develops and maintains our web presence. Students and mentors work together to develop and maintain our website with the latest information available in FIRST and about our team's progress and accomplishments through the competition season and into the off-season. Photo and video are responsible for capturing video and photos of all the team's activities and competitions from Fall to Spring. The Communications Team works to hone interviewing skills and presentations. They often speak directly to groups, judges, and the media. At competitions, they are stationed outside the pit area to greet other team members and present our image to the public. Last but not least is the Awards Crew - This sub-team is made up of students that are interested in documenting our team's efforts in the form of a submission. This submission can take on many forms. Coordination with the other subgroups is essential for the success of the project. The resulting document is a chronicle of our team's efforts. This committee demands students with skills in writing, design, advertising, and presenting. Students will most likely end up creating 10,000-word essays, a portfolio, a PowerPoint presentation, and various public relations material.



design team

Something's not 'CAD'-ding up!

The CAD Team is 'CAD'-egorized by their proficiency in using programs such as Solidworks to create 3D designs that serve as the backbone of our team's construction efforts. These designs are converted to detailed drawings that are sent out to our sponsors and in-house machining experts. The CAD Team informs fabricators about what to cut, tells our Mechanical Team how things fit together, and provides starting points for the Electrical team relating to key points to place wiring and circuitry. The CAD Team ensures that our various ideas transform into a clean, efficient, and industrial design.